Why You Should Have Your Heating Unit Checked Before Winter

As the year goes on and summer draws to an end, the attention starts to turn to winter (sorry!). The weather will only get colder, and we’ll start to rely on our heating units more and more. With this in mind, we’re here to recommend a heating unit check before winter comes. Here are just some reasons why you should consult a professional for this very check right now! 

Overall Performance 

If everything is fine with the heating system, this is great news; you can look forward to a warm winter in your home. If something is wrong, it’s better to pick it up and repair it early before it’s too late. Not only can waiting cause some cold days without heating while you wait for a professional, but it’s also useful to check the performance of your heating unit before the masses. 

If you’ve already done a test run and the furnace seemed fine, we still recommend a professional inspection because they can spot early problems. You can fix issues before they have a chance to develop into expensive repairs. Also, even small adjustments will improve the function of a heating unit (thus saving money on bills!). 

Peace of Mind 

Whether a fix is required or not, you will have the peace of mind that a professional has checked the heating unit. Although the risk of unexpected problems is never removed completely, you can have the peace of mind that everything should be fine through the colder months. 

Energy Efficiency 

With a professional company, they will actually check energy efficiency ratings too. For instance, this includes the following: 

  • Refrigerant pressures 
  • Combustion efficiency 
  • Amp draws and voltages 
  • Gas pressure 

With one simple check, the company may suggest energy efficiency improvements that could save money throughout the season. Now, the service is almost paying for itself. 

Life Expectancy 

Another way a pre-season inspection pays for itself is through the extension in life expectancy your heating unit enjoys. If an experienced and knowledgeable eye is regularly looking over the unit, you can be confident that it’s always in the best position to thrive. Small problems are fixed early, and you don’t need to pay for a replacement as quickly as expected. 


Let’s not forget, the issues of a heating unit malfunction aren’t just higher bills and an expensive fix, it’s the safety of all those in the property. Checks will sometimes highlight gas leaks and carbon monoxide issues; isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? 

Air Quality 

Next, dirty filters affect the quality of air in any given room as well as making the whole system inefficient. An experienced heating expert will clean/change the filter and clean other areas to improve the overall quality of air as we head into winter. Simultaneously, a cleaner system means that the heat should dissipate evenly throughout the home (you won’t have one person struggling with cold spots in the house!). 

Avoid Inconvenience and Book Now

Nobody wants to enter winter with an expensive repair job on the heating unit, right? Book a check now and the company will perform a complete service on your heating unit. If everything is fine, you have the peace of mind that nothing will go wrong in winter. If there are small problems, they’ll get fixed and you still have nothing to worry about in winter. Avoid the inconvenience and have your heating unit maintained and repaired before winter comes. It will help with safety, air quality, overall performance, life expectancy, energy efficiency, and peace of mind!